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Peoples’ Plan for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics

Why a peoples’ plan for the Olympics?

In July 2021 it was announced that Brisbane would be the host of the 2032 Olympics. While this has brought much excitement to some businesses and people in the region, there are also a wide range of concerns held by many people in Brisbane and across South East Queensland (SEQ) about the environmental, social and financial impacts of hosting the Olympics.

Regen Brisbane is a network of individuals and organisations interested in supporting the transition of Brisbane towards a regenerative city.  Regen Brisbane is made up of volunteers from various professions and groups around Brisbane. This group is volunteering to host a series of discussions and events in Brisbane during 2023 and 2024, to draw together peoples’ views and suggestions about how Brisbane and SEQ can best manage the Olympic Games, to ensure good environmental, social and economic impacts.  

You can find more information on the background of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games here.  

What will a ‘Peoples Plan’ for the 2032 Olympics look like?

Our goal will be to bring people together during 2023/2024 (in person and online) to share concerns, ideas and suggestions about the Olympics, so we can create two main things:

  • The Peoples Plan
    • The Peoples Plan will be a comprehensive written report summarizing all information and suggestions gathered, which will be presented to government agencies and other stakeholders in 2024.
    • If resources permit, Regen Brisbane will revisit the Peoples Plan in 2025, and host a range of further community based meetings, workshops and processes to track progress and bring further perspectives together.
  • A Peoples’ Plan live public website (commencing in mid 2023), which will share:
    • Public maps and other information and plans about the Olympics
    • Outcomes from all community meetings, workshops and discussions about the OIympics
    • Results from surveys conducted by Regen Brisbane across people within SEQ
    • Peoples’ ideas, concerns and alternative visions for the Olympics

How can you get involved?

Community meetings and workshops

A range of community meetings and workshops are currently being planned. Details will be shared on this page as key dates become available.

Current plans are as follows:

West End and South Brisbane

  • Initial meetings with community groups in West End and South Brisbane in early May
  • Public workshops for West End and South Brisbane in early June


  • Initial meetings with community groups in Hamilton in May
  • Public workshop 1, scheduled for 10 June, Hamilton Town Hall (details available soon)


  • Initial meetings with community groups in Redlands in June
  • Public workshop scheduled for 1 July

More details will be available soon

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