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Tiziana Ferrero-Regis

Tiziana has worked in Milan across many fields of the creative industries, from advertising, production manager at Vogue Italy in Milan and as a freelance writer. She holds  a PhD from Griffith University on the historical imagination in Italian cinema. Tiziana has taught for several years in Film and Cultural studies, before returning to fashion studies.  She has published in several journals on a range of topics that include memory and history in cultural representations, as well as fashion and national identity, Australian wool history, and fashion theory, with a particular lens on fashion and place.

Tiziana Has been engaged in community work from 1989, when she conducted field work in communities of women workers in the textile and clothing industry in India. In the middle  of the 2000s, she worked on a community project in Cairns with Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people, and Pacific Islanders. Her current research  include sustainability,  second-hand clothing and justice,  circular economy and the city, fashion studies. Tiziana’s methodological approach is underpinned by interdisciplinarity and the culture-industry nexus. Tiziana is the Study Area Coordinator (Fashion) at QUT in the School of Design.